Business services

You and your colleagues can feel completely safe when using Heliscan Services. Health and safety is the most important element in everything we do, and our track record is flawless. This, combined with our broad expertise, is what makes HeliScan a natural partner for aerial support on your projects.



Aerial photos and video recording

Aerial photos give a great sense of overview. Do you need an aerial photo of a particular area? Do you want to shoot your own photos or do you want us to do it for you? We have extensive experience in transporting photo and film photographers from various companies to their desired shooting location. As a photographer, you can rest assured that we have all the necessary permits for you to capture your dream objects from a birds-eye perspective.


HeliScan performs a number of services for the power industry. We undertake the installation of masts, insulator chains, blocks and wheels as well as stretching cables and sewing of phases.
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We perform all types of cargo assignments safely, quickly and efficiently. An example of this is mast constructions that are to be mounted in whole or in sections. We then assist from the time the mast is built and all the way until the signal / current is activated. A complete A-Z job in other words. Together with 3 other helicopter companies in Norway, we provide helicopter services that include construction, service, and maintenance of telecommunications equipment for both Norwegian and foreign telecom companies.


We support firefighting missions with the following helicopter types from Bell: 205A-1, AS350 and EC120B. The capacity of our fire buckets varies from 500 liters to 1700 liters. We also perform flights during controlled/prescribed burns with the Raindance R3 fire extinguishing equipment.

Water Sampling

For many years, we have assisted the Swedish authorities in mapping the water quality in lakes throughout Sweden. The assignment is carried out with optimized route planning in advance, a specially adapted helicopter with a test device mounted on the belly of the helicopter and automatic geo-tagging of samples taken.


Helicopters are an excellent tool for performing reindeer herding. We emphasize close cooperation with reindeer farmers when it comes to gathering the herd on the pasture and herding them to the desired location.


For many of us, autumn hunting is sacred, whether it is grouse or larger game you are looking for. HeliScan transports you quickly into the terrain!


We transport personnel from A to B - and back. Safe, fast and efficient!


We have a long-standing and good relationship and collaboration with, among others, the Norwegian Nature Surveillance Department and the Norwegian Institute for Natural Research to maintain sustainable wildlife populations.


Helicopters are the optimal tool for mapping large forest areas. If you need an overview of large forest areas, helicopters are an excellent tool. With a helicopter, large areas are covered in a short time, and through such flying we give you as a customer a full overview of the forest condition.